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Social Sciences


Major Work: Creation of a collection of academic literature. Thanks to the support of colleagues from different parts of the world the databank of the "Bibliography" comprises more than 1,500 titles. This project is part of the infrastructureof this field of research as organised by RAMICS, the "Research Association on Monetary Reform and Community and Complementary Currency Systems. I am a member of the management committee of this association.


How it all began: I discovered this issue in the mid-eighties. I became so fascinated that I wrote a book ("Jenseits des Marktes" Frankfurt 1992). Over the years many other publications followed (see "publications").


Academic Background: Diplom-Betriebswirt and BA (Hons), Hochschule Bremen and Leeds Polytechnic; MA, Warwick University.

I am an independent researcher, i.e. I am not affiliated to any institution.


For a video presentation at the 2nd Complementary Currency Conference in The Hague 2013 see






Lyon 2011

Den Haag 2013



In 1999 I joined a Tauschring (Talente Tauschring Hannover); I worked for this organisation (on a voluntary basis) from 2000 till 2006.

Earning money – as a "money" expert, back in the seventies in a German savings bank, from 1990 onwards in reinsurance business.

Campaigning for the Tauschring



In the beginning: Regional economic systems beyond the global economy – the scenario of a dual economy by S. Flor (see the Social Fiction project).

Later, I discovered that people in this field had been motivated by a diversity of different imaginations.

A breadth of view: As in the spheres of practical and theoretical work a variety of different perspectives can be found here. Fine artists approach the issue from different angles.


V. Bonato used shredded Deutsch Marks for his project "Peanuts"



The different spheres relevant to the development of this field tend to be self-referential. Academics often come up with appraisals and suggestions which are based on thin empirical ice. Activists recognise this and conclude that only practical groundwork counts. The relevance of the cultural sector and political frameworks are almost entirely ignored. This intellectual vacuum is filled by holistic approaches; with simple messages that attract media attention. My role in this context is to build bridges between these spheres in order to improve the quality of the discourse about community currencies.



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